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About Bullying: A Letter to my Nephew

Dear Parker,

Oh man! Kids can be so mean! I really wish someone hadn’t said something so mean to you. But unfortunately, it’s all part of this thing called life. And all of us – your mom, your dad, me, your cousins – have ALL had kids say hurtful words to us when we were kids. And sometimes, even as grownups! I’ve learned myself – and have been helping your cousins learn – that sometimes the kids that say the meanest things are the ones that need a friend the most.

Not everyone is as lucky as you to have a mom and dad that LOVE them and tell them how wonderful they are. It’s really sad, but sometimes those “mean kids” have parents that say mean things to them. Or maybe they only have one parent around. Or maybe they don’t have anyone at all that will tell them they are loved or the right way to treat other people. How sad is that? And sometimes, those mean kids can only feel better by saying mean things to other kids like you. But it still hurts, right?

So here’s a few things I’ve told your cousins to do if something like that happens again: 1) Come up with a few things you could say back to the kid with your mom and dad. If those don’t work, then just walk away. I’ve learned that a lot of times if mean kids don’t see that you get upset then they stop. And a lot of times if you stand up for yourself and say something like, “hey! That was really mean. Don’t talk to me that way,” they’ll back down. 2) Tell a teacher. Your cousin Zane never wanted to be “tattletale” but I helped him learn that teachers went to school just to learn how to deal with things like this! They can really help! 3) Go find a friend that you like and trust to be with. 4) Have your mom crank up Taylor Swift’s song and just “shake it off!” 5) Choose to pray for that kid – he probably needs it! But overall, I’m SO glad you’re already learning how words can hurt. That’s a good lesson to learn – and I know that the next time you’re tempted to say something mean to your sister or a classmate, you’ll think twice, remembering how words can sting.

I personally think you’re great – and this is coming from your Aunt Rachel who was once told she was ugly, stupid and looked funny. Do you think I’m those things? Probably not – you know why? Because the kid that said that wasn’t right. Just like the kid you dealt with today. You are loved more than you know! I think you’re wonderful and so do your parents – and everyone else reading this!

Love, Aunt Rachel

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