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GOODly women: Newest series on The Bathwater Blogs

Excerpt from Susan Alexander Wilson’s blog post, 40 Large: “… It turns out, when you’re doing something good, people want to be a part of it. That goodness grows.”

It happens to all of us – something comes along to makes us ask questions of ourselves. The words roll through our heads: What can I do? Am I smart enough or talented enough? Do I have the dedication or strength? Do I have the time, energy or resources?

Here at TheBathwaterBlogs, we are inspired by stories of women working to answer those questions. It started with blogger Sarah Smiles and her MoMs group. They saw a family in crisis and came together to support them through the holidays.

And then we got to wondering, who are some of the other moms out there doing amazing things? In honor of Women Crush Wednesdays, we present our latest blog series, GOODLYwomen. You’ll meet some butt-kicking moms who answered those questions with a resounding YES. They made up their minds to do more good in their worlds, and that has us crushing pretty hard!

Do you have a GOODLYwomen nomination? We’d love to hear about her! Because you know what? “Regular” moms are making a huge difference – because frankly, if you can raise a kid, you can damn near do anything! Write us here or post us on Facebook!

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