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New blogger dives into Bathwater!

TheBathwaterBlogs is excited to announce our newest blogger, Sarah Smiles! You can read all about her here in her official bio. But let me tell you a few things you won’t read there. She is an amazing writer and friend. Her boys are tiny little geniuses, and so is her darling husband, Mr. Aggie. She has a mouth on her, and I can’t wait for you to embrace her humor, depth and low b.s. threshold.

Sarah is the most organized woman we know, and she is quite brilliant as well. She has had the most severe sunburn I have ever seen. If you ever need someone to accompany you to a chili cook-off, concert or the Dixie Chicken, she’s your gal. She will be the lead blogger for our newest feature, Mouths of Babes. Be sure to subscribe to our RSS feed and we’ll deliver a daily dose of parenthood right to you!

Welcome, Sarah!

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