Now what am I gonna feed my kids?

Chicken nuggets might contain veins and bone and all kinds of nastiness. Now what am I gonna feed my kids?

OK. Now I wish I couldn’t read. A new study, released in the American Journal of Medicine, found that — and this will be a shock — fast food chicken nuggets might not actually be all chicken.

According to Dr. Richard D. DeShazo of the University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson,  the two brands of nuggets he has studied are made up of mostly chicken byproducts.

“What has happened is that some companies have chosen to use an artificial mixture of chicken parts rather than low-fat chicken white meat, batter it up and fry it and still call it chicken.” Dr. DeShazo told Reuters.

He found fat, veins, nerves and even bone when he examined the “meat.” I don’t think I will ever be able to buy nuggets again.

So this begs the question — WHO will feed my children and WHAT will they eat.

Can someone share some quick and nutritious mealtime suggestions?  Can you make a homemade nugget?

Let me know!

Read the full story here

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