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Pink Pumpkins

Breast Cancer Awareness Pumpkins designed by Alexa Westerfield @ The Swell Life

Breast Cancer Awareness Pumpkins designed by Alexa Westerfield @ The Swell Life

You know I want to be crafty! Alas, I have to count on other talented people such as Alexa Westerfield at The Swell Life to inspire me and teach me. I LOVED her pink pumpkins. Check them out here! Thanks Alexa!

This is the ultimate combo craft for Halloween and Breast Cancer Awareness month. These little pumpkins would be great to give to a friend or family member who is a breast cancer survivor or someone who still isn’t giving up hope! Because its made from the heart and is the perfect seasonal accent – the pumpkin – they’ll love it! Here’s what I did!

Breast Cancer Awareness Pumpkins

What you need: – orange and white pumpkins – Pink and fuschia acrylic paints Scribbles Paint in Iridescent Watermelon – Multi-Purpose Sealer – 1″ paint brush or foam brush – fine liner paintbrush – cleaning wipes

What you do: 1. Use cleaning wipe to wipe off dirt and debris from pumpkin. Brush pumpkin with multi-purpose sealer to prepare your painting surface. 2. For pink pumpkin with pink ribbon, paint entire pumpkin pink using foam brush. Paint stem Fuchsia with liner brush. Let dry and apply another coat if needed. Once dry, freehand a ribbon on the front of the pumpkin with Fuchsia Paint. Let dry. 3. For striped pumpkin, paint alternating sections of the white pumpkin with Pink. Also paint stem pink. Let dry. Now using Fuchsia paint and liner brush, outline each pink section. Once dry, make evenly spaced dots down each white section using Scribbles paint. Let dry.

Alternative ideas: – Paint your pumpkin all one color of pink and then create a poured/drip look by pouring another shade of pink around stem as shown here. – Write words like Peace. Hope. Cure. around pumpkin. These would make perfect accents for October Relay for Life events – Create “In Memory of” or “Survivor” pumpkins for your friends or loved ones. – Put a special message promoting awareness like “Save the Tatas”, “Think Pink”, or you could do a punny take on the word “Boo!” I think you get where I’m going with this.

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