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Pulling the Plug

We’re trying something new on TheBathwaterBlogs – our first themed series of blogs. It wasn’t by design or purpose, it was kismet. All of us seem to be going through similar kinds of transformations in our lives. Relationships, work, families, self – we are in the process of lightening our loads.

Melanie quit her day job and is trying to embrace a life less ordered. Austin’s beautiful daughter was born while he continues to grieve the loss of his son. Kathy stopped fearing the what-ifs of parenting an adopted child. We hope you will embrace guest blogger Ashlee Rice when she shares her very personal story about body image and acceptance.

Pulling the Plug is our blog series about letting go, cutting ties, and shedding weights that hold us down. Our first post debuts Sunday, March 8.

What do you have in your life that weighs you down? What can you release and forgive? How can you free yourself from the things that keep you separated from JOY? Transformation can be a difficult and liberating process, and we all need a little encouragement from time to time. You are invited to share your thoughts and fears here. We’re rooting for you, each other and ourselves!

Need some immediate Pinspiration? Check out our board on Letting Go!

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