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Time for thanks

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Remembering to be thankful for my time with these wonderful guys!

For those of us with a Facebook page November has become the time to list daily what we’re thankful for, whom we are thankful for and if we are thankful at all. Its day six … seven … sixteen … now is when I realize I’m way behind.

So do I jump in and try to come up with something for every day that doesn’t sound like I’m just copying the previous status? Or do I just pick up somewhere in the middle and hope no one notices my lack of public thankfulness?

I am thankful however for a number of things that you find on almost every list. I’m thankful for my family, for my husband of 14 years who puts up with my crazy schedules and my endless exhaustion, my son who makes my life more meaningful than I can express and a job that has rejuvenated my life by way of a whole new career.

But in thinking about all these things I came to realize that I don’t need a full month of days to express my thankfulness – I only need one.  There is truly one thing that I am most thankful for and that is time. You see, without time I would have nothing else. Fifteen years in the news business and over and over again I would do stories about people who’s time was cut short either through death or separation or some form of loss. It always hurt to see and hear how everyone just wanted a little more time to say something, show someone something or share something. The stories were all different but there was always that common thread.

So, I am thankful for my time. My time with my family no matter how crazy they may drive me at times, thankful for my time with husband even though it is often limited by our crazy schedules, thankful for my time with my son as I try daily to be the best mom and teacher to him that I can possibly be.

I am thankful that each day God gives me a little more time to enjoy my crazy, wonderful life.

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